Bernd Schmitt

Business leaders in a wide variety of industries have acknowledged Bernd Schmitt as a “marketing guru,” “a fresh, new voice in the wilderness of so-called ‘marketing experts,” and “an extraordinary thinker and writer.” With his vision and ventures, Schmitt is transforming the business world’s understanding of experiential marketing, branding and creativity.

Bernd Schmitt is Robert D.Calkins Professor of International Business at ColumbiaBusinessSchool in New York, where he also directs the Center on Global Brand Leadership. He is CEO of The EX Group, a consulting firm focusing on innovation and customer experience.

Schmitt has authored or co-authored seven books which have been translated into 16 languages, including Experiential Marketing (1999), Customer Experience Management (2003), and Big Think Strategy (2007).

Schmitt is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences worldwide. His clients include leading companies in the consumer package goods, automobile, electronics, software, financial services, pharmaceuticals, beauty and cosmetics, hospitality, and media industries.

Schmitt has been profiled on CNNfn’s “Business Unusual” and has appeared on BBC, CNBC, CNBC-Asia, CNN, NHK and on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He has contributed articles to The New York Times, the Asian Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times.

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Big Think Strategy
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